Kengo TODA's web site

I'm a professional in following fields:

  • Static code analysis. Good at creating original SpotBugs (spiritual successor of FindBugs) plugin and PMD plugin, to keep codebase consistent and high quality.
  • Testable & maintainable code. Good at coding with DI, TDD and SLF4J. Keep caring about SOLID principles and well documentation comment.
  • Continuous Integration. Experienced to use Jenkins and Travis CI. Led a department to handle CI/CD in enterprise service development.
  • Bytecode manipulation. Good at ASM to generate/modify .class file.
  • Open source project. Used to send pull request (or patch) to OSS product. I'm also a core developer of SpotBugs.
  • High performance app development. Good at keeping less I/O, less redraw and less reflow. Also good at performance tuning.
  • More detail, visit my linkedin profile.